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The archived documents of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation tell the story of the founding of the Fairhope Single Tax Colony in 1894 on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay and the development of the community. The Populist reformers who founded Fairhope were interested in conducting an economic and social experiment based on the principles of the economist Henry George, and came to Baldwin County, Alabama to establish a cooperative colony to demonstrate the theory.

The collection includes correspondence, meeting minutes, financial reports and printed articles about the founding of Fairhope and the daily activities in the Colony (1890-1997). In addition, papers from the personal collections of important Fairhopers (including but not limited to E. B. Gaston, C. A. Gaston, James Bellangee, Lydia J. Newcomb Comings and Anne B. Call) and single-tax reformers with ties to the Colony (Joseph Fels, Daniel Kiefer, Fiske Warren among others) are included.

Collection Overview

The FSTC Archives Collection is composed of approximately 82,000 images of printed materials. There are no photographs in the collection. Users are encouraged to access the People and Search Terms listings below to get a sense of the scope of the collection and how items are cataloged. These lists are NOT searchable; rather they are available for users’ perusal to show cataloged terms, as well as the number of records available for each field.

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Please note that many Search Terms were cataloged to reflect the stages of Fairhope’s development. The categories include ‘Fairhope Colony,” “Fairhope Industrial Association,” “Fairhope Single Tax Association” and “Fairhope.” For example, in searching for ‘wharf,’ use “Fairhope Colony, wharf” and “Fairhope Industrial Association, wharf,” etc. as keyword phrases on the Search Page. By reviewing the list of Search Terms, the user can better understand how items are cataloged.

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Documents in the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Archives are either in JPEG format or PDF format. JPEG images will appear automatically. Images in PDF format will show a “Link to the PDF Images” for download. Users with touch-screen devices can enhance the images to make them larger.

Printing from this online site usually results in good quality images suitable for the needs of most. If not, then use the ‘request image’ button online and your request will be processed and sent to you via email in a day or two. A volunteer checks the incoming requests and fulfills them as quickly as possible. Another solution to printing images is to use the FSTC computer at the Fairhope Public Library as described below.

Access to the FSTC Archives at the Fairhope Public Library

A dedicated computer, printer and two monitors are available at the Fairhope Public Library for users who wish to review and access to the FSTC Archives. One monitor offers access to the online archives program, while the other monitor offers access to the documents on a large monitor. Printing is available at a nominal charge if needed. Reference librarians are available to assist. The Fairhope Public Library’s hours of operation and location information are available at

The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Executive Council and the Archives Committee are pleased to
present this collection of documents about Fairhope’s unique founding and development. We are
grateful to the Fairhopers who carefully saved these papers over the years, and thank the many
individuals who helped with this project.

Fairhope Single Tax Corporation

Fairhope, Alabama